【One week limited sales 9/3~9/9】Let’s support “Otera Oyatsu Club” by buying our original items !

Our original items, such as T-shirts, are on sale for a limited time from 9/3(Mon)~9/9(Sun).
These items are collaborative products of “NPO Otera Oyatsu Club” and “JAMMIN”.

“JAMMIN” is a fashion label from Kyoto and they aim to contribute for society through fashion.They weekly produce various fashion items which suit the concept of NPO/NGO.

This time, they interviewed about activities of “Otera Oyatsu Club” carefully  and created an attractive design based on that.

Otera Oyatsu Club” is a NPO, which  distribute various foods to organizations which support children who facing economic difficulties. The foods were offered to temples, and we consider them as a gift from Buddha. We send not only foods but also “tender hearts” from a lot of people concerning the activities.This design expresses that.

The hand holding a lollipop symbolizes gesture of sharing snacks, foods and their sincerity. And the characteristic shape of the hand represents  mudra (Buddha’s hand sign).

In this collaborative project, a part of the profit in the sale will be donated. You can buy our original items (T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and so on) on JAMMIN’s website(https://jammin.co.jp/) .

We will use this donation as shipping fees for “Direct support”, which is the system of sending foods directly and temporarily, from the office run by core members of “Otera Oyatsu Club” to families in need.

In our fundamental activity, temples all over Japan send gifts to groups supporting needy families. And each family receives gifts through the activities of such groups. Through this method, we aim to help families easily connect with support groups. And we hope to alleviate and solve their problems.

When we are asked for help by families, we introduce support groups suitable for their demands. However it is uncertain that we can find such groups immediately, and some people cannot receive our gifts.

Therefore, it is necessary to send gifts directly to such families from the office of “Otera Oyatsu Club” until the suitable support groups are found. We try to give consideration to their feelings through sending foods and daily necessities regularly. The system is called “Direct support”.

At present, about 120 families are using this system all over Japan and we are sending them gifts monthly. In addition, we take lots of inquiries almost everyday, and as a result, the number of “Direct support” is increasing. Therefore we need to secure a budget of shipping fees for a sustainable support.

It costs about ¥1,000 to deliver a gift to one family. Needless to say, it takes a long time for families facing economic difficulties to get rid of their diverse problems.

Hence, we send gifts continuously and try to form a relationship and create an atmosphere in which it is easy to tell their mind. But actually, we cannot avoid the problem of shipping fees. We kindly ask for your support through this charity project.

tote bag

Please check up JAMMIN’s website below. There are a lot of nice items, and you can find what is best suited for your taste.

◆Charity Date:9/3(mon)~9/9(sun)
◆JAMMIN’s website:https://jammin.co.jp/charity_list/180903-oteraoyatsuclub/

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our article.